Staff Directory

The "Pride" of London Elementary


Principal    Lisa Moore  [email protected]
Secretary, Finance & Data Manager  Kendra Amburgey            [email protected]
School Counselor  Julie Cunningham [email protected] 
Library/Media Specialist  Chelsea Noah [email protected] 
School Nurse  Tammy Barber  [email protected]
Exceptional Children's Teacher Christine Condon [email protected] 
Multilingual Learners' Teacher Allison Neese [email protected] 
Multilingual Learners' Teacher Angie Price [email protected] 
Audiologist Jasmine Simmons [email protected] 
Social Worker Amanda Smith [email protected] 
Speech Therapist  Caitlin Craven [email protected]
Kindergarten Teacher Katherine Kiser [email protected] 
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher  Ashley Hamm [email protected]
First Grade Teacher Madison Rasey [email protected] 
Second Grade Teacher    April Gamble  [email protected]
Second/Third Grade Teacher    Antionette Carter  [email protected]
Third Grade Teacher    Melanie Ross [email protected]
Fourth Grade Teacher Greta Jones    [email protected]
Fourth Grade/AIG Teacher  Mara Joyce    [email protected]
Fifth Grade/AIG Teacher Eric Marshall  [email protected]
Fifth Grade/AIG Teacher  Sara Cornett    [email protected]
Music Teacher    Andrew Young [email protected]
PE Teacher  Kim Hall  [email protected]
Art Teacher Hunter Ross [email protected]  
Instructional Coach / AIG  JoEllen Gruver  [email protected] 
Teacher Assistant          Becky Gibson [email protected]
Teacher Assistant    Karri Mullins  [email protected]
Teacher Assistant  Tracy Hicks [email protected]
Teacher Assistant Lucy Welch  
Bus Driver    Michelle Rogers    [email protected]
Cafeteria Manager  Angie Mabe  [email protected]
Cafeteria Staff  Deborah Craig  [email protected]
Cafeteria Staff  Pamela Polk [email protected] 
Head Custodian    Rafael Santana [email protected] 
Custodian Ginny Bryant [email protected] 
School Resource Officer Wendy Chappell [email protected]